News Item

     "Ana Ivanovic ousted in first round of the Australian Open" writes Justin Bergman of the Associated Press out of Melbourne reporting on Ana: "...A long time flaw.,..resurfaced: ...her shaky service motion."

     "...Wayward ball tosses and double fault...resulted in frustration and mounting errors."

     Dan Young, tennis product inventor, says "ACE-MAKER could be all Ana needs".

     The product, writes Chris Wright for the Morning Star, Wilmington, NC, is a tennis ball {tethered} to a cord, which can be altered according to the player's height. A thick rubber band slides over your hand to hold the ACE-MAKER intact."

     According to Wright "...A quick check with several 4.5 players found that out of 10 tosses, neither had more than two perfect tosses."

     "Players must learn to toss to their natural swing, rather than swing at every toss. The ACE-MAKER," says Dan Young, who has taught himself to serve left and right handed, and even serve blindfolded using the ACE-MAKER, "is your shortcut to a better serve, and the only lesson needed."


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