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The Way It Ought'a Be . . Still Serving It Up
The Doctor of Tennis Psychology, Geometry and Angles on Winning, aka Dan-the-Tennis Man, the 'Rally Master', inventor of the ACE-MAKER, and founder of the National Tennis Teachers College has been playing and teaching tennis for over 45 years. 

Daniel A. Young, Sr. has been a tennis gold medalist each of the last four years at the state Senior Games in Raleigh, NC. Young was a Finalist, winning the Silver Medal in Tennis at the 2013 National Senior Games held in Cleveland, OH, and finalist at the 2015 National Senior Games held in Minneapolis, MN.

His passion though lies in teaching the sport. Young founded the National Tennis Teachers College in 1976. One of his mottos: "Teaching tennis the way it ought'a be taught."

Don't expect an average lesson from Young. His methods are a little unorthodox. He uses a hammer to teach the proper forehand grip and scissors to demonstrate the correct backhand. His students practice their serve tosses with eggs. "If you think in terms of placing it with an egg in your hand, you're very cautious about how you place the ball up there," Young says. "What I'm trying to do is relate tennis to things people know how to do."  He has taught tennis around the country, from Chapel Hill and Durham, NC to Florida and San Diego for more than 30 years.

"I believe tennis to be the sport of a lifetime, something a person can start at any age," Young says.

You can contact the Tennis Doctor at 919-610-5255 or

As the Tennis Doctor says, "The better you play, the more fun you'll have!"